Coastal Adjustable Auto Tether (1" X 20", Black)

Coastal Pet Products

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  • Minimizes distractions and secures dogs during travel for superior safety.
  • Doubles as a short walking leash to transition easily from the car to walking.
  • Adjustable length accommodates dogs of all sizes.
  • Designed to easily snap into standard seat buckles.
  • Durable design withstands tugging and scratching.


    Ensure the safety of your furry companion while on the road with the versatile Adjustable Auto Tether. This innovative pet accessory is designed to offer a secure and distraction-free travel experience for both you and your dog. The Adjustable Auto Tether features a dual-end attachment system that makes it incredibly easy to use. On one end, it effortlessly connects to your dog's travel harness, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Meanwhile, the other end boasts a convenient buckle-style snap mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly fasten it into standard seat buckles in your vehicle. This double-lock system ensures that your dog remains firmly in place throughout the journey, reducing the risk of dangerous sliding or sudden movements. For an even more comprehensive safety solution, consider pairing the Adjustable Auto Tether with the Bergan Auto Harness, providing unparalleled protection for your furry friend during travel. One of the standout features of this tether is its versatility. Not only does it excel as a travel safety device, but it also seamlessly transitions into a short walking leash, simplifying your journey from the car to outdoor adventures. Travel with confidence, knowing that your dog is secure and distractions are minimized, thanks to this reliable and adaptable pet accessory.


    Adjustable. Perfect for Travel.


    Use for travel safety. Also doubles as a short walking leash.