Coastal Pet Safari Dog Flexible Slicker Brush

Coastal Pet Products

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    • Reduces shedding to keep your cat and home clean.
    • Flexible head contours to your cat for all-over grooming.
    • Gently removes excess hair and tangles with stainless steel pins.
    • Comfort-grip handle makes it easy to use.
    • Keeps a variety of coat types healthy and beautiful.

    Elevate your cat's grooming experience with the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Flexible Slicker Brush! Designed with your cat's comfort in mind, this brush boasts a flexible head that perfectly conforms to your cat's body, facilitating thorough all-over grooming. The stainless steel pins, renowned for their gentleness, expertly tackle tangles and loose hair, ensuring a pain-free experience, even in sensitive areas. Moreover, the extra-long pins penetrate deep into your cat's coat to effortlessly remove loose undercoat and effectively reduce shedding. As the person behind the brush, you'll appreciate the soft, comfortable feel of the grip handle during grooming sessions. By using the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Flexible Slicker Brush regularly, you'll not only maintain a healthy and beautiful coat for your feline companion but also make grooming a breeze for both you and your beloved cat.


    Stainless Steel. Great for Short Hair. Great for Long Hair.


    Reduces shedding. For all types of cat coats.