Oxbow Prime Cut Hearty & Crunchy Timothy Hay


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Our hand-sorted Prime Cut Hearty & Crunchy Timothy Hay offers the dental and digestive health benefits your pet needs along with the exact taste and texture they want. With Oxbow Prime Cut, you aren’t just feeding their bellies, you’re feeding their need to explore, forage and learn – providing an ultra-premium experience. It’s one of the many ways we support daily enrichment and your pet’s total wellbeing.

  • Crispy, high-fiber Timothy hay with thicker stems and many seed heads
  • Softly compressed and pre-portioned for ease of use, freshness, and less dust
  • Helps support dental health, digestive health, and overall wellbeing
  • Proudly grown in North America
  • Grown by our family of farmers to support the specific nutritional needs of small animals
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

    Ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis

    Timothy Grass Hay

    Guaranteed Analysis Crude protein (min) 7.00%, Crude fiber (max) 32.00%, Crude fat (min) 1.50%, Moisture (max) 15.00%

    Feeding Directions & Tips

    Place large handfuls of grass hay in your pet’s habitat daily. Hay should account for 70% of your pet’s diet and unlimited amounts of fresh grass hay should be available at all times.